Adventure Quest


My very first trip with Adventure Quest. A bigger flag wasn´t available.    The trip went from Panamarina to Colon.
Leaving Cartagena, Colombia. A long way (and bad weather ahead) Some flyfish came visiting. This ones were to small for eating, but sometimes it came some big ones, and they are very good for frying. Approaching Azores. Very, very calm sea. 
Between Bahamas and Azores. The forcast said 4feet of swell, but it was rather 4 to 5meter. But, they were of the kind ones. Azores can offer a lot of whales and whale safari. From Colombia
to the Azores I saw only six of them.

Here is Adventure Quest in Nazare, Portugal. I left the boat there during the winther 07/08.  Adventure Quest today, staying in Kristiansund. She has got new windscreens in the saloon.