Cartagena: The island Manga in center. The name comes from the fruit mango, which it was a lot here before.
Behind, Boca grande.
Mango tree.

    Welcome to Club Nautico, Cartagena

Club Nautico and PeGe form Sweden. Club Nautico is
located on Mango.

The waterfront of Isla Manga.

Manga is surrounded by walls, murellas, that was defenses against pirates in the good, old times.

Castillo San Felipe. 
The flag is easy to see!  The yellow is the gold, the blue is the two oceans and the red is the blood.

Convento de La Popa  

Banana   Plaza de Bolivar General Blas de Lezo, also called Patapalo, wooden leg, and later Mediohombre, one leg, one arm and one eye, but a big di..