On arriving you have to come to St. George. The inlet isn´t very wide, so stay away when a cruiser is coming. They fill the whole gap (red arrow). The harbour control guide you in. Norwegian Majesty alongside the pier. Next time comes Norwegian Crown. The cruise pier with Norwegian Majesty.

Dockmaster Bernard Oatley had a privat marina, Captain Smoke´s Marina, and I stayed there almost alone for 3 weeks. He came visiting every day at 8 o´clock with the news paper. My only neighbour for 3 weeks. This 152´yacht came for changing crew and fueling. Adventure Quest in Captain Smoke´s Marina.

Bermuda is a dangerous place for sailing, a lot of rocks. "Deliverance", 54´, built 1609-10, was pick up boat for survivors after loss in bad weather. It´s easy to hire a scooter. "My" scooter is taking a rest outside the aquarium.

Thomas Moore House. Kings Square, St. George Market wharf, St. George

Fresh fish brought to a restaurant. A lot of nice marinas in natural lagunes.

Free area.    Nice lagune for swimming. Water clean and beautiful. The aquarium. 

A lot of beautiful colours. Clearwater beach. Winding roads, perfect for scooter.

One of many hotels with privat beach. North coast is rocky. Saint David´s lighthouse.

Hamilton - the capitol.

The "road" to England, only 2850 nm to go and 2022 nm to Azores.