My first landfall after 17 days from Bermuda - the island Flores.  3 days more to go to Sao Miguel, my destination. Island Graciosa Island Sao Jorge. The high peak behind is island  Pica.

Sao Miguel (Ponta Delgada) A lot of whales around the Azores.  Dolphins came for playing.

Fishermen on way to work 5 o´clock in the morning The marina in Ponto Delgada. Here´s tourist goes whale safari.  Ponta Delgada

Grilled fish in casa Armando. Armando has a marin store in the marina. Moonlight and barberquing at casa Armando. View from casa Armando

Lagoa Azul Lagoa do Fogo
Lagoa Furnas Nice for taking a shower.
Mato Santana Tronqueira Miraflor do Punta Delgada

Sao Miguel Ponta Delgada Ponta Delgada at night

  Ponta Delgada Departure the Azores. AB Svein Johannesen joined in Ponta Delgada, and has full control and fit for Lisbon.