Summer 2017     and       new homeport for scat Adventure Quest
Son 2017:
Changing all standing rigg Ready for launch

130 T mobile crane prepaire to lift Finally on sea after last season on shore

Sailing from Son to Sandefjord
Gullholmen waving goodbye Bastø IV from Horten to Moss


Færder lighthouse Destination in sight

New homeport Well moored

Sandefjord by night Passing to times a day, the ferries between Sandefjord and Stömstad (Sweden)

Color Line "Bohus"

Color Line "Color Viking"

Fjordline "Oslofjord"

A day trip to Rauer at the very best day this summer, 26oC

Coldest summer for 17 years, but my boat neighbor Terje enjoyed a dive into the sea

My boat neighbor joined for a trip to Strømstad 16th of September. Probably last sailing this year. 1st week of Octobre the boats will be replaced for the winter in bubble harbor.