Summer 2018

Sandefjord - Koster - Resö - Havstensund - Fjällbacka - Korsö - Gluppö - Rica Hotel Tjøme - Verdens Ende

Hot days in July (33o in shadow). Isa and Toby cooling down on the floor. When Isa is swimming, it´s really hot!

Even me and my neighbor had to cool down (23o at sea)

Route to Sweden:    
On way to Koster and lazy days Appr. Resö Havstensund

Havstensund - crowdy Convoy in Swedish waterways At anchor Korsö

Anchor toast at Korsö Korsö Korsö

Korsö by night Korsö Fjällbacka

Fjällbacka Lunch in Fjällbacka Tjøme

Scandic Tjøme Verdens Ende, Tjøme  (The End of the World, Tjoeme) Sandefjord by night. "Oslofjord" moored by the night.

Vikingship Gaia, Sandefjord