On the way to Stroemstad, Sweden - 17.04.2019 Well moored Stroemstad. 19 deg. C was a touch of summer Berth 3 Stroemstad, Sweden Departure Stroemstad 20.04.2019

Mid summer 2019 in Sandefjord
Mid summer 22.06.2019 01:00 Annual event in Sandefjord - Boat convoy 23.06. The day is "Sankt Hans" or "Olsok". Olsok after holy king Olav´s vigil.
More than 1000 boats participate.

Maintenance 11.07.19: Drydocking and change of underwater inlet valves.
Framnaes Maritime AS has the right equipment, the mobile boat crane has cap. 75 t and beam 7,3 m, excellent for a scat.

Stroemstad 24.07.19
Stroemstad harbor Stroemstad harbor Stroemstad harbor - Laholmen hotel in the background

Toby investigates the harbor  - and return to his favorite place.  

Stavern 28.07.2020
Hellesoya.   15 min. away from our homeport.

Seabourn Ovation visit Sandefjord 06.08.2019.         210 m luxury.


My brother change marina, goes from Thorsøya to Kilen marina. 10.08.2019


HELLESØYA 10.08.2019


15.08.21019 Final voyage of MV Bohus befor Color Hybrid takes over.


16.08.2019 Maiden voyage of Color Hybrid.          A "green ship" in Color Lines fleet. Loaded with 70 tons of batteries she´s a so called green ship. Can do 15 min. without running on diesel!!!


Our first trip with Color Hybrid 19.08.2019

Passing Thorøya and Adventure Quest


Last trip to Strømstad 21.09.2019

Nice autumn weather   Coke or not?
Approaching Strømstad

Moored at Laholmen Hotell pier - short way to go shopping.