Summer 2020
June hot and sunny - July rainy and cold - August hot and sunny                 Corona every day
One of the fine days in July, July 20th. Shrimps and crabs in the cockpit.

Planned voyage: Sandefjord - Fjällbacka (Swe.) - Mollösund (Swe) - Denmark.
Because of the Corona, only anchoring in Sweden. Denmark was skipped due to bad weather, and no change coming up in the long weather forecast.

West coast of Sweden:





May be it was ok we didn´t reach Denmark, because after return to Norway we had a leak diesel tank.
Then it was only one thing to do, take the tank out and replace it with a new one. There was a lot of corrosion through many years exposed by salt water. The tank was designed for dry environment, but
such thing does not exist in a boat used in all kind of weather.



The rest of the summer we made short trips along south coast of Norway. Following pictueres from Jomfruland and Kragerø.







We also got visitors in Sandfjord, some friends of us.



                                             Awaiting for table - and seafood.                                                                                                 A night cup in the boat before return to the marina. Capt. Isa was sober!!!