Summer 2021 was the 2nd year with Corona. And my wife had a surgical operation. So, this year was marked by marked by little sailing activity.
23td of July I discovered a leak in aft peak. It was the fittings of bathing ladder. Repair at sea was difficult, and the 25th July I lift the cat ashore to fix the leak.
At same time I also could do the bottom painting and polishing. Back at sea 26th July. Since the cat went smooth true the water, a trip to Strömstad Sweden was tempting.
The weather forecast wasn´t good, strong wind from north. I assumed with northely wind, the sea wouldn´t be very rouch. When I came back to Sandefjord two boats had gone down. For
them the northely wind had been bad. It was gale. The trip to Sweden was a little bit bumpy, but it went very fast, double speed as usual.

Ready to start working

Leak fixed and bottom paint on.
Second function, the cat is an ok garage.
Back to sea Result of northely gale