You get enough of bad weather anyway, so try to avoid what you can. 
To avoid bad weather is about to be at the right place at the right time.

The earth has itīs seasons for wind, rain, hurricanes etc.

The pic below gives you an idea where to be at what time.


On the pic below, I have shown the main wind directions:



Hurricanes are the monsters that you never want to face. I have tracked some few of them and plotted into the pic below. They give you and idea of tracks and directions.

Pilot Charts

To do your planning of a voyage, Pilot Charts are great help. Pilot Charts give you information of wind, currents, temp., gale expectations and much more.
The charts are grouped into five folders: Indian Ocean, North- and South Atlantic, North- and South Pacific. The folder have one page for each month of the year. You can buy this maps in a marine store, but they are
rather expensive. They are also available on the net for free, but you should print out the pages. Itīs difficult to read this on the laptop screen. Print them out in full size, A1 (594 mm X 841 mm).
There also a link on my homesite to access all of the pilot charts (Big filesize 2 - 11 Mb)

Example of Pilot Chart:




If you get contact with a hurricane, itīs necessary to escape. The figur below give an idea how to escape.

Avoiding tropical storms and hurricanes, is a mather of being at the right place at right time.
But, weather do no promises, and one day you maybe have to run away from a hurricane.

On the north hemisphere the wind is blowing anticlockwise against the stormcenter. 
On the south hemisphere the wind is blowing clockwice against the stormcenter.

Around the eye of the storm, the wind can be deadly. The eye itselves moves slowly, 10 - 20 knots.
So itīs actually possible to run away from the storm. The next figur can be a help to calculate wich way to go.